Founding story


Even as a small boy, coins and banknotes were attractive to me. It wasn't the value that interested me, but rather the different shapes and mintings of the coins.

I noticed the images of buildings and people on the banknotes. These important buildings and people refer to history and make every bank note a part of our culture.

Whenever I saw prints of coins and banknotes in a magazine, I cut them out and collected them. Shortly before my first day of school, my parents gave me my first wallet and my first pocket money. From that day on, the wallet became more and more interesting and important to me.

I saw a lot of different variations from my classmates, and the most important thing to me back then was the design: the smaller the more practical.

After finishing school, I chose to train as a wholesale merchant, which I completed with honors in 2015. In addition to my work as an employee, I began to realize my passion and design wallets and money clips and create the designs. After I held the first samples in my hand and the models were very well received by friends and acquaintances, I decided to enter this sector.

So the Kronenschein company was born, but as with many start-ups, the most difficult part was still to come. A good manufacturer had to be found, the designs had to be adapted and revised. Of course, the most important thing to me was that the quality and functions were convincing - and lo and behold, I wasn't the only one who liked the wallets.

Due to many inquiries and also personal interest, a specially coated protective film against data theft (RFID) was subsequently incorporated into all models. In order to be able to guarantee 100% protection, all wallets were tested by TÜV in Germany.

I have a lot planned for the future, the designs are constantly being improved and customers can submit their own suggestions or wishes, for example on Instagram.

Since then, the joy in what I do has become even greater, which has allowed me to overcome many obstacles and cope well with defeats. That's why I will continue to strive to make the products better known, to further develop them and to bring additional models onto the market together with you.


The origins of the Kronenschein company can be traced back to a situation on vacation. In May 2017, I was strolling through the streets of Venice.

What particularly bothered me was that everyone could see my wallet when I had it in my pocket.

I then looked for an elegant but slim wallet, but I couldn't find it in the shops, and unfortunately searching on the Internet didn't produce the desired results either.

After a lot of development and many samples, I was able to design and craft myself and lo and behold: I'm not the only one who likes the wallets.


Modern design, fashionable colors and a radiant logo underline the Kronenschein company's trademark and products.

The three points of the crown represent: Quality designing in Austria, high-quality materials and last but not least: security of your data!

All of our products have integrated RFID protection, which is guaranteed to give fraudsters no chance.

With our young and modern company culture, we help you to reliably protect data on credit cards, bank cards and debit cards. Your safety is very important to us!

Do you want quality? And you're not happy with products that don't work properly, feel cheap, or worse, break after a short time?

We are clearly different from large corporations whose only goal is to achieve maximum profits and margins with poor products.