Vegan women's wallet made of cactus leather


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Wallet made from real cactus material

Renewable raw material from the cactus plant

Vegan wallet


Cactus leather from Mexico

Soft and comfortable material

RFID protection

The world's first highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made from nopal cactus, also known as prickly pear.
Here in Mexico, in the state of Zacatecas, we have a ranch where we grow our raw material: cacti.
The cactus plantation is perennial, meaning we only plant once and the plantation lasts approximately 8 years, unlike other C3 plantations such as corn, which must be grown, harvested and then grown again annually.

Cactus absorbs CO2 during the night because only when the environment is fresh does the plant open its stoma and capture CO2, producing oxygen and absorbing water in the atmosphere, which usually comes from the morning dew.

At the ranch, after cutting, we dry the mature leaves in the sun for three days until we reach the desired humidity. This drying process does not require any additional energy.

The 10 most important sustainable facts about Desserto® organic cactus food:

1. Improving biodiversity in the region.

2. Reverses land use change (LUC).

3. Enrichment of soil microflora and microfauna through native and typical organic cactus afforestation.

4. Huge water savings as no irrigation is used.

5. Environmental protection as no chemicals such as herbicides or pesticides are used.

6. The cactus is left intact to allow repeated harvesting of the same plant.

7. Energy saving by drying the raw material in a solarium.

8. No cross-industry conflict as the by-product is sent to the food industry in a higher value form that is more attractive and encourages agriculture to plant more cacti.

9. Complete visibility and traceability of operations to ensure sustainable social practices.

10. Technological improvements in the fields


By now we all know that ''The Amazon is the lungs of the earth''

That means the Amazon is home to 200 million cattle – not loggers, but cattle.

Livestock farming is the biggest driver of deforestation in the Amazon.

450,000 km². Brazil's rainforest is now pastureland, for comparison: Germany is 350,000 km² in size. Great Britain is 240,000 km².

It is often said that a piece of hamburger is a piece of the Amazon.

20% of the Amazon was destroyed. An area the size of the UK is lost every year, although sometimes much more.

The king of wallets

Discover the perfect harmony of elegance, quality and functionality that guarantees you true sovereignty over your finances. Every Kronenschein wallet is more than an accessory; it is a statement of status and style, handcrafted from the finest materials for durability and a timeless design. Choose the symbol of royal class, choose Kronenschein: where luxury and everyday life meet.

TÜV tested RFID protection

Between the inner lining and the outer material there is a wafer-thin, multi-layered and specially coated protective film. It reliably prevents your sensitive data on credit cards, ID cards, identity cards, bank cards and debit cards from being read. Protect your cards perfectly with this elegant case!

A statement of luxury and style

Each piece is crafted from the finest materials, carefully selected to ensure durability and a timeless appearance. With its sleek yet spacious design, Kronenschein adapts perfectly to the needs of modern nobility - be it for the safe storage of cards and cash or as a subtle statement of luxury and style.

Customer Reviews

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Josef Bentele

Habe die " Premium Geldbörse" umgehend zurückgeschickt, da sie Kaputt war.
ich sehe auch von einer erneuten Lieferung.ab..

Karl-Heinz Dieringer
Begehrte Geldbörse !!!

Nachdem ich bei der 1.Lieferung ein leeres Kuvert erhalten habe und es ihnen mitgeteilt habe, bekam ich mit der 2. Lieferung doppelt verschlossenes Kuvert ,Adressaufkleber über Lasche (sehr gute Idee ,sollten sie beibehalten) meine lang ersehnte Geldbörse !!! Fazit Geldbörse ist Spitze, daß muss auch der-oder diejenige festgestellt haben, welche bei der 1. Lieferung die Geldbörse aus dem Kuvert entwendet haben !!! Meine Bewertung = Sehr gut !!!

Klaus Tharun
Super Börse

Gute Qualität und hochwertig verarbeitet.

Roland Hoffmann

Ich hatte zuerst Bedenken, die Karten würden nicht alle reinpassen, hat aber geklappt. Eine wirklich schöne Geldbörse, super Leder und hervorragend verarbeitet. Besser geht's nicht

Peter Markfort
Es funktioniert.

Es ist genügend Platz für Karten, Münzen und Scheine vorhanden. Bisher funktioniert es ohne Probleme.